About the Fellowship

Spend a year teaching in Israel, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.


Israel has some of the largest class sizes in the world in primary and secondary education. And while learning English is required for Israeli students starting in the fourth grade, only 18% of Israeli English teachers speak English at a native level of proficiency.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows aims to close the achievement gap in Israel’s education system by placing English-speaking college graduates as English teacher’s aides in schools throughout Israel. Fellows provide small group instruction and tutoring to elementary and middle school students, while reducing class sizes so full-time teachers can work more effectively.

The fellowship is a joint initiative of Israel’s Ministry of Education, Masa Israel Journey and The Jewish Agency for Israel to improve English learning outcomes for Israeli students, which are key indicators for students’ success in higher education and beyond.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows are selected from a competitive applicant pool made up of Jewish college graduates from English-speaking countries. Fellows must have some experience as educators, either formal or informal, and  must demonstrate the ability to excel in a challenging, cross-cultural environment.

Learn more about the components of the fellowship to see if Masa Israel Teaching Fellows is right for you.


PEDAGOGICAL Orientation & Hebrew Training

Fellows engage in an orientation in educational methods, created and led by Israel’s Ministry of Education. Through seminars and discussions, top educators from across Israel help you build your teaching skills and prepare you for the Israeli classroom experience. In addition, through a new partnership with the Levinsky College of Education, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows offers you the opportunity to earn a certification to teach English in Israel. The program which normally takes two years and is usually only offered in Hebrew is now available to Masa Israel Teaching Fellows over the duration of ten months and in English and as an exclusive new program! While knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary to serve as a teaching fellow, Fellows receive continuing Hebrew instruction two days per week throughout the year. Learn more about orientation and training.



As an educated English speaker, you will be instrumental in strengthening your students’ English skills and confidence. Fellows are be placed in a public schools with one to two other fellows and volunteering 25-30 hours per week. You won’t be teaching full classes; you’ll take groups of three to five students out of the regular English class to provide personal attention and help them learn key concepts like vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Learn more about the teaching experience.


Community Volunteering

In addition to your time with students, Fellows choose a secondary community volunteer project for approximately five hours a week, with different options available depending on your city placement and according to your background and interests. Some pas projects include coaching sports, directing after-school drama programs, and working with adults on English reading and speaking skills. Learn more about the types of projects fellows have taken on.



As a Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in  excursions and cultural travel experiences all around Israel that will expose you to modern Israeli society, the many layers of Jewish history, and the natural beauty of Israel. Every trip is led by professional guides, and all of the travel expenses are included. Evening programs such as speakers, presentations, and organized social nights are also scheduled periodically. Learn more about additional programming you’ll get.



Teaching Fellows live in the community in which they work, so you’ll have ten months to get to know your city like a local. Outside of daily volunteering and scheduled programming, your nights, weekends, and holidays are free for you to explore Israel on your own. Learn more about where you’ll live.


How it works

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows operates in cities around Israel. Each city cohort is operated by a program provider that arranges housing, liaises with your schools, provides extracurricular programming and manages your day-to-day needs. The Fellowship runs from late August to June each year, with applications opening in the fall for the next year. Learn more about the details.