Pedagogical and Hebrew Training


Fellows arrive in Israel with varied backgrounds in both education and comfort speaking Hebrew. If you don’t have background in one or the other, don’t worry! Masa Israel Teaching Fellows provides you the opportunity to build foundational knowledge throughout the year that you can put to use in your classroom or your community.


Training & Professional Development

Training Sessions with your pedalogical mentor:

o From first impressions to best practices, your pedalogical mentor will guide you throughout the entire process of your training. You will meet with your counselor/mentor once every 3-4 weeks for practical advice, support, etc.

o Over the first half of the program you will have training sessions with your pedalogical mentor to guide your development as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow.

o First visits to your teaching locations: The Israeli school environment is different from what most of you are used to in your home countries. We found that it is essential for Fellows to begin by becoming familiar with their schools, teachers, and students and learn about their new work environments. You will debrief from these visits with your pedalogical mentor to process first impressions and manage expectations.


Certification Through the Levinsky College of Education

o Masa Israel Teaching Fellows offers you the opportunity to earn a certification to teach English in Israel.

o The program which normally takes two years and is usually only offered in Hebrew is now available to Masa Israel Teaching Fellows over the duration of ten months and in English and as an exclusive new program!

o This course is valued at approximately $8,000 but all Masa Israel Teaching Fellows have the option to participate and have the program fees covered by Masa Israel Teaching Fellows and the Ministry of Education.




Hebrew Classes (Ulpan)

To facilitate your adjustment to living in Israel, Fellows receive continuing Hebrew instruction (uplan). Ulpan classes are designed to teach you basic language skills of conversation, to be able to communicate and live independently in Israel.




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