Enrichment Programming


Outside of work hours you are free to experience life as an Israeli by visiting friends or enjoying near by cafés or restaurants, shopping for groceries, exploring the city, and socializing with people in your area.

You will receive a schedule of full-day and multi-day seminars and trips that will take place during your classroom portion of the program which are an integral and mandatory part of the program. Fellows in your city group usually meet around once per week for evening programming, group checks ins, speakers, tours and more.


Lectures and Seminars

Living ten months in Israel gives you ample time to learn about local politics, culture, societal issues, and more on your own, and evening and weekend lectures and seminars give you an in-depth opportunity to hear from some of the key players.

Seminar topics include:

– Israel and the Middle East
– Art and Culture in Israel
– Israeli Politics and Society
– Social Activism and Leadership



Trips Around Israel

You will go on several tours, or tiyulim, throughout Israel to learn firsthand about Israel’s history, modern Israeli society, the many layers of Jewish history, diverse geography, and the various cultures represented in the Israeli public. These trips also help you explore issues faced by different regions of the country.

Tiyulim may include visits to:

– The Galilee and Jezreel Valley
– The Negev Desert
– Eilat
– Haifa
– The Golan Heights
– Jerusalem
– Tel Aviv
– The Dead Sea and surrounding region
– Central Israel
– Caesaria
– Zichron Yaakov




Masa Israel Community

As a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow, you have access to educational and enrichment programming beyond what is offered by your city organizer that also enables you to connect with other young adults volunteering and interning across Israel. As a member of the Masa Israel Community, you can take part in highly subsidized extracurricular cultural, educational and social programming throughout the year, including:

– Concerts, film screenings, theater and arts events
– Weekend seminars and lectures on Israeli politics and society with other Masa program participants
– Leadership training and professional development conferences and fellowships
– Immersive mifgashim (encounters) with Israelis
– Online career fairs and networking events for Israel program participants and alumni


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