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See What It’s Like to Teach in a Youth Village

Israel’s youth villages provide boarding school settings for immigrant and youth at risk, providing a safety net of services—food, shelter, education and love—to immigrants and at-risk Israeli children from poor or abusive homes in Israel. First created in the country’s earliest years for youth who escaped Europe during World War II, the villages are now tasked with integrating children from places as disparate as Ethiopia and Russia.

Intensive educational, clinical and social work services help 12 to 18-year-olds succeed in and complete high school and enter national service army with their peers. The students attend school and participate in many extra-curricular activities and clubs including sports, music, dance, art and drama.

The percentage of Israeli youth age 12-18 who study away from home at all boarding schools, including youth villages, welfare residences, and religious schools, is still high – in fact, the highest in the world at 9 percent, according to the National Council for the Child.

Fellows placed at one of Israel’s youth villages will be highly engaged with students not only in the classroom, but during extracurricular activities, meals in the communal dining hall, and in daily life in the village.






Population: Several hundred students

Known for: Intense community environment

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The program provider will depend on the village where you are placed.