New Jersey Jewish News: English tutor learns lessons from Israelis

By Robert Wiener After finishing 10 months in Israel in June, Lindsey Skerker returned to her home in Randolph having learned as much from the elementary school students she taught in Netanya as they did from her. “Students are the best teachers,” she told NJ Jewish News. “They loved us trying to speak their language Continue Reading

From Corporate HR to Jewish Educator

Jamie Gold, 28, attended Hebrew school at her Reform synagogue from fourth grade through high school. While most would consider the Northridge, California native’s Jewish affiliation to be above average, Jamie never felt a strong connection to the greater Jewish community or Israel. “I was just going through the motions,” Jamie explains, looking back at Continue Reading

What Israelis Say About Masa Israel Teaching Fellows: Teachers

You’ve already read why Israeli students love Masa Israel Teaching Fellows. By now, you’re probably wondering what their teachers and administrators  in Petach Tikvah think about Desiree and Josh, two last year’s Fellows. Spoiler Alert: Israeli teachers love Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, too!     “The work they did with the third graders was the most important, especially the work Continue Reading

What Israelis Say About Masa Israel Teaching Fellows: Students

Naturally, we at Masa Israel Journey love our Teaching Fellows, but do you know who loves them most? Israelis! Find out what Petach Tikvah‘s students had to say about Josh and Desiree, two of last year’s Masa Israel Teaching Fellows:         “It was so much fun with them and they were so friendly. Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Love Be'er Sheva

Be’er Sheva is an oasis of cool in the hot Negev desert. Apply today to become a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Be’er Sheva and experience what this unique city offers:   1. Volunteer in the Bedouin Community Be’er Sheva is a highly diverse city, with a large immigrant population and numerous Bedouin communities in Continue Reading

A Leap of Faith: How Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Changed My Life

By Jennifer Blitz, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Petach Tikvah alumna If it wasn’t for a doting mother looking for a pair of board shorts for her son, the extent of my Hebrew knowledge might still be “Shalom.” Having just earned my master’s degree in childhood education I spent the summer of 2013 applying for Continue Reading

From Baltimore to Rishon LeZion: A Masa Israel Teaching Fellow's Journey

“This teaching program offered me a chance to live abroad for an extended period of time, while giving back to those in need.” Growing up in Baltimore, Blake Yospa, 26, felt connected to Judaism through the Reform synagogue where his mother worked and he attended Hebrew school. However, after his bar mitzvah, Blake grew less Continue Reading

How MITF Alumnae Landed Their Teaching Jobs

Whether you’re looking for professional development or a resume boost, take it from these four Masa Israel Teaching Fellows alumnae – teaching English in Israel can help you land your dream job in education! After graduating from Guilford College with a bachelor’s degree in education in 2011, Tova Dinkin decided to become a Masa Israel Continue Reading

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Raise Money for Their Schools

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows work in some of the most underfunded schools in Israel. They teach students who lack access to the books and supplies necessary for their education. However, at the December Masa Israel Leadership Summit, seven entrepreneurial Fellows took it upon themselves to bring attention to these issues and fundraise for the schools Continue Reading

An Exhilarating Experience: Alumni Fellow Reflects On The 2015 AIPAC Policy Conference

By Debbie Stone, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Netanya alumna; Masa Israel Alumni Fellow Having heard about the AIPAC Policy Conference for years, I was honored to attend this year’s conference as a Masa Israel Alumni Fellow. During my year as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Netanya in 2013-2014, I became highly involved in Continue Reading