New Collaboration Seeks to Address Academic Achievement Gaps in Israel

New partnership allows Masa Israel Teaching Fellows to receive additional training at Tel Aviv University before entering Israeli classrooms JERUSALEM – For the first time in the program’s prestigious history, a new cohort of Jewish college graduates from English-speaking countries will soon begin coursework at Tel Aviv University to learn best practices in classroom management, Continue Reading

Rishon Lezion with MITF: First Impressions

Written by Alicia Schneider, Current Masa Israel Teaching Fellow from Canada   After a whirlwind summer of traveling solo through Asia followed almost immediately by the jam-packed schedule of Taglit-Birthright, it was a relief to finally lay my backpack down in a place I could call home for a little while. Rishon Lezion, literally: the Continue Reading

10 Reasons to Spend 10 Months in Israel

Whether you love to teach, know or want to explore a thing or two about Judaism or just want an excuse to live in Israel, spending ten months as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow is the perfect amount of time to soak up everything the Holy Land has to offer.   1.September | Kick Off Continue Reading

5 Things to Know Before Teaching English in Israel

Written by Allison Paisner, Masa Israel Teaching Fellow Alumna 1. Prepare to Pursue your Passions Speaking of passions, MITF is your chance to pursue (or even find) them! Yes, you’ll be teaching during the week, and you’ll be busy at school. But the day only spans from 8 am-2 pm in most cases. This means Continue Reading

First Adventures in Israel

By Katie Spector, Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Beit She’an   I’ve now been in Israel 6 days and let me tell you how fantastic it is! We went to the Golan Heights for a seminar and spent time with the other Masa Tlalim members from Be’er Sheva and Netyana. It was great getting to Continue Reading

Home, Sweet Home

By Tami Greenberg, Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Migdal Ha’emek   A lot has happened since my week in Jerusalem. On Thursday, the English woman I met at the hostel and I took the hostel shuttle to Tel Aviv. We spent a wonderful day on the beach, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, before heading to Continue Reading

So This Is Where We Live

By Ally Cohen, Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Ashdod   We spent our third day of the program touring the two cities we are stationed in: Ashdod and Ramle (also know as Ramla). We started with a tour of Ramle. We had an adorable tour guide named Kostas who is an Arab Christian. He told Continue Reading

San Diego Jewish Journal: Inspired to Give Back

By Caline Chitayat Jamie Gold, a San Fernando Valley native, was 25 years old when she went on Birthright. “I actually had no desire to [go to Israel], but I was in a job that I couldn’t stand and I wanted to go on vacation,” Gold recalls. A couple of her friends convinced her to Continue Reading

Bring on the Tears, an MITF Story By Allison Paisner

And so, one by one the goodbyes commence. Doors are closing and I’m currently in this limbo where none are yet opening. Goodbye to school, to Petach Tikva, to Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, to Israel Experience, to my volunteer project with the Petach Tikva Department of Environment Education, and to my friends and family in Continue Reading

A Look Inside MITF's Youth Village Location with Deena Martin

At the time I decided to spend a year abroad on Masa Israel Teaching Fellows my life was in a whirlwind. For a long time I had a desire to volunteer abroad and with my current situation, I had to take the plunge. I researched different regions and programs throughout the world yet, something within Continue Reading